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In loving memory of Andrew Jacob Kerkhof

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Stigma often prevents us from seeing beyond a label. Like a dandelion, the true beauty of a stigmatized person is often overlooked. Our desire, reflected in the dandelion, is for everyone to be more open-minded so that those affected by stigma can be recognized for who they truly are.


People often make a wish when they blow dandelion seeds, and our wish is that the seeds of awareness and love will be planted and take root in people’s hearts, eventually growing into acceptance and support.



The birds have a threefold meaning. First, they have special significance because of Andrew’s love of birds. Second, birds are often a symbol of freedom, able to fly high above everything. It is our hope to help those who are struggling, to find joy and to soar above their sufferings. Third, birds are also messengers. In this way, they represent us, as a foundation, bringing our message to you and carrying the seeds of awareness out into the world.